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What is Etorfine?

Etorfine (also known as M99, etorphine, etorphin or Large Animal Immobilon) Reversing Agents. Inject 2-3mls Narcan (0.4mg/ml naloxone) preferably intravenously or alternatively intramuscularly, and repeat at intervals of 2 to 3 minutes until symptoms are reversed. In the event of Narcan being unavailable, or in a situation of extreme emergency, the following information is provided for possible guidance: Inject 0.1ml diprenorphine preferably intravenously or alternatively intramuscularly, but if the actual quantity of etorfin injected or absorbed is known inject an equal quantity of diprenorfine. If respiratory depression is not reversed, repeat the dose after 2 or 3 minutes. Recurrence of morphine-like effects may occur due to enterohepatic recycling. Diprenorfin (also known as diprenorphin, Large Animal Revivon or M5050) may also induce a hallucinatory state. IT IS VITAL THAT ADEQUATE RESPIRATION AND HEARTBEAT BE MAINTAINED, IF NECESSARY BY MEANS OF ARTIFICIAL RESPIRATION AND EXTERNAL HEART MASSAGE, UNTIL MEDICAL HELP ARRIVES. Adequate respiration must be maintained by: (a) Ensuring that the airway is clear by placing the patient in the recovery position removing dentures or any other oral obstruction, and (b) applying artificial ventilation if breathing has stopped altogether. The mouth-to-mouth technique is usually the only one applicable in the circumstances.

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